Arabian Street residents fed up with 4,400 speedsters passing their homes weekly

David Janetzki MP and Arabian Street resident Pat Condon are urging council to take action to curb speeding drivers

*A total of 11,170 vehicles were recorded travelling on Arabian Street in the seven day data collection period

Residents of a Harristown street are calling for Council to take action after data showed almost 40% of all drivers were speeding in Arabian Street.

Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki MP has lobbied both Toowoomba Regional Council and police after receiving complaints from multiple residents concerned hoons were using the street as a suburban raceway.

As a result, Council performed traffic monitoring in Arabian Street and clocked more than 4,400 vehicles exceeding the 50kmhr speed limit in just one week.

Mr Janetzki said Council data clocked one motorist driving more than 106kmhr at lunchtime.

“The police have proactively responded and now we need Council to think creatively about how to address these ongoing problems,” Mr Janetzki said.

“Residents are saying that traffic calmers are needed - before someone gets killed,” he said. 

“The Officer In Charge of the Toowoomba Road Policing Unit has agreed that traffic calming measures could be an effective solution to prevent motorists from speeding and will inform Council.”

Council stated it made a decision years ago to not retrofit any traffic calming measures into existing residential streets.

Arabian Street resident Pat Condon and his family were left shaken after one speedster come close to crashing through his loungeroom wall where his grandson was sleeping just before Christmas last year. 

“A p-plater crashed into my two-tonne, fully-loaded box trailer that was parked on the street with such force that it flipped upside down onto my wife’s car which was parked in front of it,” Mr Condon said.

“Police said that if my trailer wasn’t parked where it was that the car would have landed in the loungeroom where my four-year-old grandson was sleeping at the time,” he said.

Mr Condon disputed Council’s statement that the installation of traffic calming devices could create noise issues for residents.

“I don’t know how they can say it will create more noise than the cars and motorbikes that roar down our street at more than 100kmhr or the hoons drag-racing side-by-side,” Mr Condon said.

“We have noticed the police are now here often and have been catching a lot of people speeding which is great, but it is not making a difference overall to the dangerous driving,” he said.

Council said its previous traffic data collection in Arabian Street showed 3.8% of vehicles were speeding. 

Council’s most recent traffic data shows this figure has increased to a staggering 39.57%.