Glenvale State School’s new car parking zone opens thanks to people power

People power has paved the way for the opening of the new Glenvale State School car parking zone.

Glenvale State School mum Melissa Greensill is using the new parking zone to safely pick up her youngest child from Prep – five years after collecting petition signatures for the project while juggling her then baby on her hip.

The mother-of-four enlisted the help of Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki MP to lobby the State Government for funding to address the car parking chaos that occurred daily at school.

“Petitions, parliamentary speeches, media attention, and grassroots community action has achieved this important safety upgrade,” Mr Janetzki said.

“It is wonderful to see this project delivered which will protect children, parents, carers, volunteers, and staff in the future,” he said.

Mrs Greensill, who is the current P&C president, began the petition in 2017 to highlight parents’ fears for their children’s safety on the busy Glenvale Road.

Their persistence paid off with the government allocating $1 million towards the project in late 2019.

Construction of the one-way, 38 bay car park began last year and opened on May 9.

Mrs Greensill said construction of the car park was a great lesson for her children to see.

“It was great to be able to show the kids, if you see something that is not right – don’t just sit around and complain about it – take action. Write letters to your local MP, start a petition, and make your voice heard,” Mrs Greensill said.