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The LNP's 'Buy Local' Policy - 28 September 2017

David Janetzki is joined by Tim Nicholls, Trevor Watts and the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce's Jo Shepherd to provide an overview of the the LNP's 'Buy Local Plan'; providing small, local businesses with a price match guarantee. This is a policy that will allow local businesses to grow and provide local jobs by giving them a fair go when tendering for local projects.

The Great White campaign in honour of young local boxer Braydon Smith - 9 September 2017

David Janetzki addresses parliament about the campaigns goal to continue to grow the capacity of Toowoomba’s health service and highlighting that Toowoomba is the health services hub for South West Queensland, to the NSW and Territory borders but there are gaps in that service delivery and seek to bring a Neurosurgical unit to Toowoomba.

Safety Concerns at Glenvale State School Car Park - 14 June 2017

David Janetzki MP addresses Queensland Parliament with safety concerns about parking at Glenvale State School

Toowoomba Festival of Rail and Brisbane-Melbourne Inland Rail - 24 May 2017

David Janetzki MP addresses Parliament to highlight the success of the Toowoomba Festival of Rail and talk of the history of rail in Toowoomba and the future Brisbane-Melbourne inland rail.

USQ New Vice-Chancellor and Small Business Policies - 29 May 2017

David Janetzki congratulates the University of Southern Queensland on the appointment of Geraldine Mackenzie as Vice-Chancellor. David also highlights the LNP's great policy for reducing red tape for small businesses and recognises the contribution of small business in the region.

First Video Blog from Parliament and Brisbane-Melbourne In-land Rail - 1 May 2017

Stay updated with the latest news from David Janetzki with his new website's video blog. David is enthusiastic about the government's $8.4billion investment into the Brisbane-Melbourne in-land rail and the opportunity it grants the Toowoomba region.

Celebrating Diversity for Toowoomba South Electorate Schools - 21 March 2017

David Janetzki MP celebrates the commitment to diversity of Toowoomba South schools, Darling Heights State School, Harristown State School and Glenvale State School.