MP Commits $60,000 to Install Flashing School Zone Lights to Improve Safety for Children and Lollipop People at Harristown

Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki has committed $60,000 to install flashing school zone lights at Harristown. 

Mr Janetzki said a set of flashing lights on Burton Street was long overdue ever since a lollipop man was hit by a car on the crossing outside of Harristown State School a few years ago. 

The same lollipop man was also the victim of a near-miss when a four-wheel-drive ploughed through a pedestrian crossing.

“We need to improve safety for students but also for our lollipop ladies and men who have been shaken by multiple near-misses,” Mr Janetzki said. 

“There are five schools and one childcare centre in the immediate vicinity at Harristown and flashing lights play an important role in alerting motorists that they are entering a school zone,” he said.

There is an all-day 40km/hr zone on South Street that stretches for more than 800 metres and is one of the longest school zone in Toowoomba, encompassing five schools.

Harristown State School P&C president Rodney Lindsay-Holley said the flashing lights would help improve safety in the area.

“We have thousands of children pouring out of school at the same time and this will help get them home safely” Mr Lindsay-Holley said.

“Our volunteers and our students are of paramount concern, we must do everything we can to ensure they’re kept safe,” he said.

Currently there is a flashing school zone sign at the western end of South Street near Concordia College and one at the eastern end of South Street, however it is on the wrong side of the road.