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Representing the hard working men and women of Toowoomba South is an honour that I never take for granted


Growing up on a farm teaches you about hard work and what really matters in life. Mum and Dad worked their fingers to the bone milking cows to give my brother and I a chance to pursue the future we desired. We were very blessed.

I grew up in a Queensland that got things done. It was a Queensland that built roads and dams, encouraged new industry and welcomed entrepreneurship.That’s what got me interested in politics as a kid.

My wife Mel was born and bred here too and we believe there is no better place in the world to raise children today than Toowoomba. That’s why after studying and working in Brisbane and London we returned home to raise our kids here.

Representing the hard working men and women of Toowoomba South is an honour that I never take for granted. The Toowoomba region is a diversified economy and there are opportunities available at the moment that you will not find anywhere else in Australia. However, there is always much to be done and I encourage your feedback through my survey.

My drive in politics is to help – in some small way – to build a better Queensland. Where the family and economic opportunity are encouraged and where the quiet voices of the disadvantaged and marginalised might be heard more loudly.

Feel free to follow me on Facebook to see where I am around Toowoomba and please get in touch with my electorate office if you need any help.

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope to see you soon.


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