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Cost of living crisis March 2024

Annastacia who... Feb 2024

Right priorities Dec 2023

Home Ownership Oct 2023

Treasurer is a triple threat_Sept23

Local victims of crime experience 23.08.23

Budget in reply speech 23.06.22

2023 State budget preview 25.05.23

Protea Place, Base services, Homeless for a Week 23.05.23

Cost of living crisis 11.05.23

Government's wasteful spending 20.03.23

The Palaszczuk government 22.02.23

Good treasurers don't... 21.02.23

Question on notice 08.11.22

Question on notice 26.10.22

The Queen's condolence motion 11.10.22

Wasteful spending 16.08.22

Shadow Cabinet meeting at the Ekka 12.08.22

Sir Leo Hielscher advice 05.08.22

New hospital funding petition 04.06.22

Vale Boyd Scheuber 25.05.22

Regional Queensland 12.05.22

Qld budget due next month 06.05.22

Toowoomba Royal Show 17.03.22

Wellcamp quarantine facility 22.02.22

Treasurer needs to keep his mind on the job 30.11.21

Bring Queenslanders home 27.10.21

Cost of covid tests for stranded Queenslanders 18.11.21

Toowoomba Afghan Community 02.09.21

Vale Sir Llew Edwards 18.06.21

Angus Lane tribute 16.06.21

Toowoomba South infrastructure needs 16.06.21

Vale Dulcie McIntyre 24.03.21

Cognate Debate - Appropriation (Parliament) (2020-2021) Bill 2020 03.12.2020

Concerns for Local Businesses 18.03.2020

Toowoomba South Electorate, Schools 24.10.19

Toowoomba South Tributes 22.08.19

Disability and NDIS Amendment Bill speech 12.06.19

Toowoomba South Electorate speech 26.02.19

Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018 speech 16.10.18

Sex offender monitoring 18.09.18

How many people are currently working with children in Queensland without a Blue Card 26.07.18

Distinguished citizens and families of Toowoomba & Darling Downs 13.06.18

Meet Deb Frecklington MP

We think she should be leading Queensland. Hear her story in her own words

Willow Glen residents petition 22.02.18

Toowoomba Hospital Foundation 21.03.18

University of Southern Queensland 10.10.17

The Great White campaign in honour of young local boxer Braydon Smith - 9 September 2017

David Janetzki addresses parliament about the campaigns goal to continue to grow the capacity of Toowoomba’s health service and highlighting that Toowoomba is the health services hub for South West Queensland, to the NSW and Territory borders but there are gaps in that service delivery and seek to bring a Neurosurgical unit to Toowoomba.

Safety Concerns at Glenvale State School Car Park - 14 June 2017

David Janetzki MP addresses Queensland Parliament with safety concerns about parking at Glenvale State School

Celebrating Diversity for Toowoomba South Electorate Schools - 21 March 2017

David Janetzki MP celebrates the commitment to diversity of Toowoomba South schools, Darling Heights State School, Harristown State School and Glenvale State School.

Labor asset sales March 2024

Supporting Far North Queensland 02.24

Labor failures Dec 2023

Toowoomba South projects Nov 2023

September in Toowoomba 13.09.23

Toowoomba crime speech 23.08.23

Budget reply speech 15.06.23

Toowoomba ram raids 24.05.23

Regional Queensland 12.05.22

So much happening in Toowoomba 30.03.23

Victims of crime 16.03.23

Palaszczuk government's patients' tax 22.02.23

Calling for breach of bail to be reintroduced 16.01.2023

Crime speech 27.10.22

The treasurer has stopped listening 12.10.22

Toowoomba South project updates 01.09.22

Labor's broken promises and four new taxes 16.08.22

Estimates question re tax consultative committee 26.07.22

My budget in reply speech as Shadow Treasurer 23.06.22

Sign our crime petition 27.05.22

Vale Keith De Lacy 12.05.22

Qld ambulance ramping worst in nation 10.05.22

How did we get here 01.04.22

Who would you trust, Steven Miles or the State Archivist 23.02.22

New tax to impact renters 16.12.21

Toowoomba youth crime 18.11.21

Get Queenslanders home 12.10.21

Protea Place Womens Support Centre speech 16.06.21

Campaign for a new Toowoomba hospital continues 16.06.21

Queensland's hospital ramping crisis 25.03.21

Matter of Public Interest - Youth Justice 23.02.2021

Economic Plan 16.06.20

Tribute to Peter Swannell 20.02.2020

Business Excellence Awards 16.10.2019

Budget Reply Speech 25.06.19

Toowoomba South speech 02.04.19

Criminal Code and Other Legislation (Mason Jett Lee) Amendment Bill 14.02.2019

Private Members Bill 19.09.18

Toowoomba Business Disability Awards 05.09.18

Funeral industry question - Legal Affairs Estimates 26.07.18

Funeral Industry Queensland 16.05.18

Vegetation Management laws debate 02.05.18

Glenvale State School car parking 08.03.18

Work Health and Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 11.10.17

Toowoomba South Electorate schools 21.03.17

USQ New Vice-Chancellor and Small Business Policies - 29 May 2017

David Janetzki congratulates the University of Southern Queensland on the appointment of Geraldine Mackenzie as Vice-Chancellor. David also highlights the LNP's great policy for reducing red tape for small businesses and recognises the contribution of small business in the region.

First Video Blog from Parliament and Brisbane-Melbourne In-land Rail - 1 May 2017

Stay updated with the latest news from David Janetzki with his new website's video blog. David is enthusiastic about the government's $8.4billion investment into the Brisbane-Melbourne in-land rail and the opportunity it grants the Toowoomba region.

Toowoomba Festival of Rail and Brisbane-Melbourne Inland Rail - 24 May 2017

David Janetzki MP addresses Parliament to highlight the success of the Toowoomba Festival of Rail and talk of the history of rail in Toowoomba and the future Brisbane-Melbourne inland rail.