Toowoomba Motocross Club Receives $30,000 Grant To Upgrade Facilities

(front to back, from left) Toowoomba Motocross Club riders Riley Ladynski, 8, and Connor Ladynski, 10, with David Janetzki MP and Jeremy Paton.

The Toowoomba Motocross Club has received a much-needed $30,000 grant to upgrade their decades-old canteen and control tower.

President Ojai Maguire said their club had grown over recent years to about 400 riding members and their families. 

“We start at age four with little kids on their peewees and our oldest rider we have is close to 70,” Mr Maguire said. 

Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki MP congratulated the club on securing the $30,000 Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant. 

“The Toowoomba Motocross Club started racing bikes at Echo Valley in 1972 and are operating out of the original building which is well overdue for a revamp,” Mr Janetzki said. 

“It is great to see the club being able to modernise their equipment as they continue to go from strength to strength,” he said. 

Mr Maguire said the grant would be used to upgrade their building insulation, upgrade their kitchen and appliances, and purchase more up to date equipment for the control tower (to be compatible with their electronic timing). 

Mr Maguire, 28, said about half of their members were from outside of Toowoomba.

“We bring in a lot of members from Brisbane and also the Gold Coast,” he said.

“It’s a good track that we have here which attracts a lot of people to our events.”