Toowoomba teenager to voice youth issues in Queensland Parliament

Rangeville teenager Samuel Wong has been chosen to the be voice of youth in the Toowoomba South electorate for this year’s Queensland Youth Parliament.

Mr Wong, 17, is currently in Year 12 at Concordia Lutheran College and comes from a family who strives to serve their community.

“My father is a GP, and my mum was a school teacher and their service to the community has had a big impact on me,” Mr Wong said.

“Youth Parliament is an amazing opportunity to write bills to present in Queensland’s Parliament House and debate important issues,” he said.

“I look forward to being able to present the views of youth from a regional perspective. I believe getting enough medical professionals to Toowoomba is an important issue for our region.”

Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki MP said it was great to see a 17-year-old so connected with his local community.

“I admire Samuel’s dedication to Toowoomba’s youth and his strive to make a difference,” Mr Janetzki said.

“Youth Parliament is a great opportunity for Samuel to learn how government works and to connect with our Members of Parliament,” he said.

“Representatives will be bridging the gap between legislators and youth in Queensland.”

Mr Wong is also involved in Council’s youth leaders’ program where he helps ensure council is addressing the needs of local young people.

“I have also volunteered by teaching karate lessons – I am a black belt – to a church-based youth group in Toowoomba,” Mr Wong said

“Karate is a great way to learn not only defence techniques but also discipline, respect, and to find peace within yourself.”

The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament program runs from April to October. Youths will work in a small team (portfolio) to write a Bill proposing a law reform they are passionate about.

In September, they will have the opportunity to debate their Bill at Parliament House.